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Field Service Associates Ltd. Partnership

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We at INTERACTYX LIMITED are delighted to announce the launch of our new partnership with Field Service Associates Ltd

Field Service Associates Ltd. focus on coaching, mentoring and guiding service leaders in all aspects of their service operation focusing on guaranteed outcomes. With over 70 years of combined service experience the content, programs and coaching drive sustainable business results in any service company. Programs such as HQ4 Service Performance designed by service leaders for service leaders to uniquely help deliver better organisational performance, results and team success that is rooted in and from real-life service operational knowledge, experience and best practice.

Adding Field Service Associates Ltd. programs to ServiceEnabler (from Interactyx) enables remote mixed labour service teams everywhere. The combines offering will help service organizations excel through enablement & coaching providing access to knowledge, techniques, skills and collaboration with peers and experts to deliver better service outcomes for your service business.

With ServiceEnabler your remote service teams and third parties will learn from the best, develop service and sales skills, record installations and repairs, get coaching from managers, peers and industry experts such as Field Service Associates Ltd. With ServiceEnabler you can complete competencies, get certified and receive just in time AI-powered content on the job, all via engineers mobile devices.

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