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What Is Service Enablement?

It's about providing service professionals with the right coaching, education and community to improve what they do and how they do it every day.

Background to Service Enablement

A considerable amount of investment over the years has been made in Field Service technology to automate the process of diagnosing, scheduling, dispatching, tracking and debriefing service jobs but surprisingly very little has been spent in the industry on technician enablement. 

This is providing the knowledge, skills and techniques required at the point of service to help technicians via their mobile device, improve their approach, competence of completing their assigned tasks in the most efficient. Thus improving their mean time to install or mean time to repair. Our goal is to impact all the MTTX Metrics and the Overall First Time Fix / First Time Right rate. While Field Service technology focuses on managing the resource, ensuring parts are available we will focus on helping the technician to complete the task safely in a competent manner in a consistent way no matter if the technician has seen the task before or not. 

Benefits of Enablement

Improve first time fixes and overall customer satisfaction with better coaching and education.


Service Enablement connects remote teams for collaboration, just in time learning, remote expertise and AI decisions based on work order details to provide real-time learning and assistance in the field. Coaching and mentoring from management, senior technicians and though leaders has a direct impact on the quality of the work and service provided.

Grow your service revenue by enabling your remote and 3rd party technicians to sell.


Service Enablement engages technicians with social learning, sales experts and content to drive additional field sales. Technicians are highly skilled resources that can diagnose, repair and install assets, but they aren't all natural sales reps. Through soft skill and sales training technicians can develop their sales skills and make a real difference to a companies bottom line.

Where Does Enablement Add Value?

A typical service process has many needs as a work order or task progress through its lifecycle. 


Enablement can add incremental value to every step in the process to generate improvements, not only for technicians but for contact centers, customers, 3rd parties and more. 

  • Service Agreements - By enabling the contact center and technicians with sales expertise and product knowledge they can help advise customers on appropriate service agreements for their products, focusing on benefits, asset up time and overall service. 

  • Schedule & Dispatch - Developing and maintaining a successful field work force can be a challenge. Enablement opens up internal expertise, processes and quality to the entire team helping them grow. Simplified onboarding with pre-built and custom content to make the experience simple and engaging for both staff and 3rd parties. eLearning can only help so far, but true learning comes from on the job training and collaborating with peers and experts on a regular basis. Create a coaching and social learning environment where knowledge is applied as a real-time tool.

  • Finance and Operations - Creating a quote or invoice is easy, but positioning it correctly with a customer is a different skill that can be learned and enhanced. Self record example pitches and garner feedback from experts and managers.

  • Customer Insights - Branded customer portals allow customers to access knowledge and help you choose to allow them to see. Customers can then self-serve and potentially fix or address their own issues. 

  • Mobile & Connected Field Service - Support technicians in the field with just in time AI recommendations derived from IoT, descriptions and work order details. Technicians could receive help articles, documents, video, audio to listen to on the way to the job site. Plus if they need live help then connecting with an expert can be done easily. Quickly curate content by recoding in field and submitting for review. Experts can edit content and release to wider populations the recommended quality controlled content.

  • Customer Centric Experience - Reduce complexity with customer training and education, provide high levels of support and enable the customers to be well informed on their product, processes, and procedures.

Key Enablement Features

  • An efficient and customizable platform to onboard both staff and third-party contractors getting them up to speed with policies, processes and product knowledge, reducing the overall training and management expense of growing and maintaining a workforce.

  • A secure environment where content and control can be assigned at the group level allowing different types of users (technician groups, third parties, vendors, customers etc.) to have access to relevant and curated content. In addition, content access controls how long, a user has access to the content.

  • A platform for remote learning and social collaboration when physical presence isn’t available. With health concerns being able to work apart through a digital platform is key to maintaining and extending the power of knowledge and training.

  • Quick and easy options for self-curated content i.e. audio and video capture from mobile devices, delivered into a group for review and approval. This helps senior technicians and experts quickly share best practice and allows junior technicians to show their skills and get critical feedback. With millennials rapidly entering the workforce this type of self-recording and learning fits very well with how they have been learning and interacting through social media.

  • Provides rich communities for developing group or tribal knowledge and supports a sense of belonging and sharing through posts, likes media and articles, making the platform an interesting place to visit on a regular basis fostering health competition and gamification through awards and leader boards.

  • A detailed Learning Record Stores (LRS) captures all learner transcript information and standards-based API xAPI (tin can), LTI, and SCOMR compliance make the platform integration ready with other learning systems that may be in place for internal staff. In addition, the platform can be easily integrated to field workforce management systems.

  • Fully brandable with multiple skins allows branding to be delivered at the group level making it easy to expose the right brand to the right group of users.

  • ServiceEnabler is populated with content from Field Service Associates Ltd and other branded e-learning titles, check list and Field Aids

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